Can I Sell My House As Is in VT? What You Need to Know

If you want to sell your house in the condition that it’s currently in without investing any time and effort into redecorating or major repairs, you’ll need to get all the information you can on selling your home as-is in VT. A lot of people ask themselves the question “can I sell my house as-is” and the answer is certainly yes. An as-is home sale in Vermont means selling a property in any condition. 

Selling your Home as-is in VT

There may be minor repairs needed or significant renovation but the fact is – it’s possible to find a potential buyer who’s willing to make a cash offer or rely on a mortgage loan to purchase your house. In this article, we’ll provide all the information you’ll need regarding selling your home as-is. Selling your home as is in Vermont is one of the best ways to sell a house fast and we’ll show you how you can do that. When you’re finished reading, you’ll be able to make an informed decision whether or not you want to jump into an as-is home sale or you would rather renovate and them put your home up for sale. 

Selling Your House As Is in Vermont

What does selling your house as-is in Vermont really mean? What does an as-is home sale process look like? If you sell your house as-is, this simply means that you’re selling the property in its current condition without agreeing to make any repairs or fund any renovations necessary. Even if there is visible or invisible property damage or defects, the seller is not obliged to make or pay for any changes or repairs. 

In some cases, people are forced to sell a house as-as is they can’t afford to pay for the necessary repairs or renovations. In other times, the home seller prefers selling the house for cash benefits and partners with a cash buyer to sell the house in as-is condition. There are other scenarios, where the home has been through foreclosure and is now possessed by a bank. Alternatively, the owner of the house may have passed away and the property was inherited by an individual who is not interested in restoring the property and using it. 

Although you can still sell your house as-is in Vermont, it’s essential to disclose the problems and faults of the property that you are aware of. The buyer has the right to have all the information about the condition of the house to make a decision on whether or not they’re willing to purchase the property and make the required repairs. If the buyer has made up their mind that they’re interested in buying the house as-is, they can negotiate and make an offer. 

A real estate inspection is also essential in order to determine the real condition of the house. After all, if you’ve shared beautiful moments with your family in a property that has some flaws, you may not have noticed them. It’s always best to have an unbiased observation of the facts. 

Tips for Selling Your House As Is

If you want to sell your house in its current state without making any repairs, it’s likely that you’ll need some advice about selling your house as-is. Experts have revealed the top tips for selling your house as-is and considering these suggestions will make the process easier and more beneficial for you. When it comes to tips for selling your house as-is in VT, one thing you could do is prioritize the top features of the property in order to take away the attention from any flaws and shortcomings. 

The second piece of advice when it comes to receiving help for selling your house as-is in VT is to set a realistic selling price. Keep in mind the state of the property and set the right price. Even if you’re emotionally attached to a property, you can’t expect to receive a large sum of money for a house that is in desperate need of repair. When creating your listing, make a note of the defects and weak sides of the house to inform potential buyers of the costs of repair they’ll need to consider before deciding to buy. 

In order to set a realistic price, look at similar properties in your area. If they are in perfect condition, consider how much repairs would cost in order to restore your property to a perfect condition and subtract it from the original selling price. Remember that potential buyers will need to invest in making the repairs that you’re not ready to make. It’s only fair that they get a good deal on purchasing the house. 

There are some additional tips for selling your house as-is in VT and we’ll look at them in more detail.

Spring Cleaning Time

Just because you don’t have the time or money to invest in repairing your home doesn’t mean that there’s nothing else you can do to make your home lucrative and attractive for potential buyers. With the spring season approaching, you can dedicate a weekend to spring cleaning that will help you turn the home into a perfectly clean and hygienic environment that potential buyers will enjoy viewing or spending time in.

House Spring Cleaning Time

Focus on thoroughly cleaning the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, garage, and basement. Clean to a shine any countertops, surfaces, flooring, remove the stains from the walls and fully eliminate any dirt or grime accumulations. Although this effort is not the same as renovating the house, it will certainly show buyers that the house has been properly looked after and cared for. It takes seconds to establish whether a home is clean or not. And if yours is well-maintained, you have a higher chance of attracting a potential buyer. 

It’s essential to keep the house clean before showing it to potential buyers. Clutter and dirt can be a barrier for buyers to be able to visualize what the house would look like once they’ve moved in. It’s important to create the perfect setting where a potential buyer will see how this property is what they’ve always dreamed of, despite some flaws and needs for renovation.

Do The Repairs

Another option that you have is to actually do the repairs that your house is in need of. Especially if the repairs are minor and don’t involve a huge investment, it’s best to take care of them before listing your home for sale. This will help you sell your house for a higher price and will also contribute to selling it quickly. Some minor repairs that you could take care of include fixing any kitchen imperfections like broken cabinet doors, replacing an old fridge or dishwasher, installing new lighting, and others. You can also apply a fresh coat of paint in every room to remove any stains or freshen up the house and eliminate unpleasant odours. 

However, sometimes repairs are more significant. For instance, you may need to invest in remodelling or perhaps in fixing a roof, installing new flooring, or making interior changes that cost a lot of money. If you’re looking to sell your home as-is, it’s advisable to only focus on the smaller renovation projects that will help you present your home in a better light. At the same time, inform potential buyers about the rocks underneath and prepare them that they may need to invest in repairing the house after the purchase. 


Another way to grab the attention of potential buyers without handling complicated and expensive house renovation projects is by decorating. House decor is a great way to bring out a property’s positive sides, make it feel more vibrant and welcoming, and sell it quickly. When it comes to redecorating, you can play with cool wall art that catches the eye, install decor pieces that are synchronized with the overall look of the interior, or use different fabrics and textures to create a certain interior design style. 

Oftentimes, decorating a house won’t be expensive but will leave behind extraordinary results. However, keep in mind that it’s important not to overdo it when it comes to redecorating. By depersonalizing your home, you’re ensuring that a potential buyer can see what the house would look like when they live in it instead of forcing your own lifestyle on them. If you have too much decor that is specific to your personal taste and hobbies, it may have the opposite effect and push buyers away. 

Selling to a Cash Home Buyer

Lastly, you can sell your house to a cash home buyer. Cash home buyers have usually experienced individuals in the real estate market or professional property investors with substantial financial stability. Oftentimes, a cash buyer will have the necessary connections and partners to complete any necessary renovations without any struggle or effort. Furthermore, chances are that if you sell your house as-is for cash to a real estate investor, they’ll be interested in renovating the property and flipping it, earning more money after the sale. 

You can find a cash home buyer in VT by partnering with professional agencies that work with property investors or listing your home for sale on specific platforms. You can also count on us as we buy houses in Burlington and can help by offering professional guidance. The good news is that selling your house to a cash buyer guarantees a faster selling process as there’s no reliance on lenders and mortgages. Be prepared that the selling price may be a bit lower when compared to selling a house that is renovated and to a buyer that has been approved for a mortgage. However, you receive the amount in cash and over a smaller amount of time. 

How to Get A Fair Cash Offer on Your Vermont Home

Another factor you must consider when selling your home as-is to a cash buyer is how to get a fair cash offer on your Vermont home. When working with cash home buyers, it completely normal that you won’t receive the full market value for your home. When investors propose a cash offer on your home, they’ve already done the calculations and have considered the necessary repairs and renovation projects they’ll need to invest in. In most cases, cash home offers follow the 70% rule. Normally, investors multiply the estimated sales price by 70% and multiply the rehab costs to get the maximum amount the can offer. 

If you receive a cash offer on your home that you agree to, you receive the amount relatively quickly but chances are that it won’t be as high as if you repaired the property and listed it for sale. In order to establish whether the cash offer for your home is reasonable, it’s essential to do your research and look at similar properties for sale in your area. A perfect case scenario is if you find a property with a similar size in your location that is also being sold as-is. However, if this is not possible, calculate how much the necessary repairs and renovation projects will cost and subtract the sum from the original sales price. 


Selling your house as-is in Vermont is not a mission impossible. You can easily sell your house in the condition that it’s in, even if it is in need of minor or major repairs. The sale will entirely depend on how well-prepared you are for the real estate market and how well you can present your home to potential buyers. Don’t forget to inform anyone interested in your property about the flaws and imperfections of the real estate in order to avoid misleading buyers and lying. 

We hope that you’ll find this article useful and the information provided will help you sell your home as-is in Vermont. If you’re interested to find out more about the topic, we invite you to take a look at our case study on selling a property as-is. Achieve your goals when it comes to selling your house as-is and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared for the process.

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